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Many people think that I am doing this all by myself. I needed to make this page to thank the many people that has helped and supported me in this website.
I want to publicly thank them on this page.

  • Teresa White!!!! My marketing manager. Her creative mind and desire to have me succeed has elevated my career and I would not be where I am today with her. Her extensive knowledge of web marketing has been instrumental. I highly reccomend her to anyone. Find her at this web site

  • Tonya Lamb: My wife and best buddy. She's also my photographer. Without her understanding, support and love this might have just stayed a dream.

  • Family: All of my grown kids, Bobby, Chuckie, Scottie and Nickavelli
    (I am not mentioning the 2 babies on purpose. The Internet is too wide open). As a family we have had some of the worlds greatest times and have hit some of life's BIGGEST BUMPS. By being a family and standing by each other, we have walked through fire and came out shining. I love and thank God for them on a daily basis.

    Not to forget my Big Brother Bobby and my 2 sisters, Robin and Betsy PLUS my in-laws and buddies Brad, Tim & Tracy and NEVER forget Tabby and my stunt guy and nephew Dustin!!!. I can call on them anytime day or night when needing something and that's what family is all about.

    As I told you earlier, I'm a big momma's boy. She raised 6 of us kids ALONE after my father died and she did it with honor, class and a loving way that is rarely seen in todays world. Never asking anything from anyone and making sure we all grew up to be respectable members of the world.

  • Jay Thomas of The Jay Thomas Show. Jay has been with me since the begining of my rise and he was one of the major reasons for people finding my site. I have been on his show 3 times and I hope that is just a start. Thanks Jay and the gang, Art, Lauren and the rest of the guys for being there for me from almost day 1.

  • Jason Dahmer is my buddy and a great mentor for me. Jason has Marry in Ohio and has also made a movie, a CD featuring him singing and he is in the 2005 Book of World's Records for being the world's fastest bra unsnapper. He has also given me priceless advice and support just by being my buddy. He is alot like me. he sees something he wants to do and he does it whether it's "normal" or not.

  • Dave Barak from Malfunction Films We haven't been buddies very long but Dave has given me some priceless advice about how Holywood works and things I should watch out for and he has been RIGHT ON on each and every one. If he had a movie in production, i am almost sure I'd being living my dream already. Thanks PAL

  • PALS!!!! Fernando Moraleda my buddy, graphic designer and also the owner of
    Toledo Swords. Thank you for being a pal and doing most of my design work. You are truely talented beyond words.

  • Scott Barker, Mike Brengartner, "Slammin" Sammy Bass, Mark Jenkins, Randy Swartz, Danny, Ken and Terri Long, Rick Blanch, Kootch, Jeffro, Chad, House, Ronnie, Jackie Lash, PVD, Pimpin Ken. Jake Finchum, Al (Congrats), Freddie with Classic Bits who's been a buddy for over 30 years and many more that I have not put down, but I will when I get a chance.

  • Mike Harden Columbus Dispatch for being the first writer to "know a good thing" when he saw it. Mike did a wonderful article on me and the Associated Press picked it up and the snowball effect begun. Thanks Mike

  • Ricky Baldwin America's Santa Santa All Year for contacting me and talking acting stuff. he was the Santa in Wal-Mart's commercial with Garth Brooks and many other things. I've learned a lot in ashort amount of time from Ricky. Thanks bud.

  • Mike Houghton, Probably the best photographer I have ever met. We hit it off right away for the New York Times piece and if ANYONE NEEDS PHOTOGRAPHY work done then Mike is THE GUY to see. His studio is in Columbus in a loft and his website
    Studio Ohio is under construction, but you can email him at michael@studiohio.com Thanks MIKE!!!!!!


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