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It is with a heavy heart to announce that after over 12 years I will be retiring as the world's
Dead Body Guy soon.
I still have 3 roles that I would LOVE to play.
That is

Law & Order: SVU,


and of course The Walking Dead.


The GOOD NEWS about that is I'd LOVE to see someone who wants to fulfill their own dream of being seen by people from around the world to take ove my website and become the

NEW Dead Body Guy 2.0.
I'd love to see someone expand on what I started. Maybe do more videos than I did or let them put their own twist on my concept.

Maybe even a company can use it just for the traffic alone, but I'd love to see someone who wants to live out a dream like I did.

This site has been great to me.

50 MILLION hits (we quit counting in 2016 so I'm sure you can add a couple of million more to that.

I want to thank each and every person who supported my dream and to every company that did an article or story about me and I would hope that would continue with the new 'Dead Guy'.

If you are interested in puchasing the website, doman and all that goes with it please email me at DeadBodyGuy@Gmail.com I will be posting a link to an auction soon if someone deasn't contact me directly.

Man, it has been wonderful being the most famous dead person in the world. I sure hope someone who has been trying to get noticed will step up and continue the legacy of Dead Body Guy.

Buds! chuck

Season 3 of "To Tell The Truth" has begun. Keep a look out for me on Monday nights. I'm on with Denise Richards, Kal Penn, Theresa the Long Island Medium and Ken Marino.

It was fun being on the show.
Hopefully it will lead to some new adventures in film and on TV.

I'm in a Book Front Cover & Story in Magazine

**New Short I'm In Called "Dignity In Death" **

** Latest News **

** Mentioned on Good Mythical Morning -- FUNNY! **

** Interview with Ray Addison Dubai 103.8 - Great **

** In the News in Italy - Cool **

** Great Article in Business Insider **

** I am Mentioned in a New Book **

** TODAY.com - Thanks Randee Dawn **

** Front Cover & Article in The Wee Harp **

** Financial Times UK February 2015 **

** Full Page National Examiner **

** Daily Mail fron United Kingdom - Thanks Ted **

** Daily Expess fron England **

** ABC News from Perth Australia **

** In The News In Brazil - Good Article **

** Daily Mail UK's Largest Web Site **

** I'm Also A Cartoon In Brazil - Funny **

** 97.5 Seattle Bob Rivers Show **

Hello everyone, welcome to my page.
Did you know we have eclipsed 50 MILLION hits on this site. Pretty Cool!
Please check all of the pages on my website.

It's taken over 4 years to put it all together. Thank you goes out to so many people around the world following my dream into the entertainment business.

A film crew from Germany were here a couple of weeks ago filming a documentary about me. I heard it turned out great.

I have been in the news quite a bit lately around the world. It's AMAZING!

My newest project is out on DVD through Amazon. I am doing the play by play announcing on the Saturday Night Pillow Fights DVD

World renown sports and wrestling columnist Mike Mooneyham wrote a great article about the new DVD and had some nice things to say about me also.
You can find it on the Charleston Post and Courier website. Thanks Mike.

PLEASE check out a clip right below this section -

To all casting agents: I'm READY TO GO. Add me to you next show. Be it reality, comedy, awards or as a guest. I think there's a lot of humor left in me and a feel good story from the beginning. I can guarantee it will not be boring. Don't forget to call me for ALL OF YOUR ONE STOP DEAD BODY NEEDS!! -- Including Zombies Walking Dead!

Your pal, Chuck (Dead Body Guy) Lamb

PS: Any event promoters, convention planners
and others CALL OR EMAIL ME! I'm finally ready to do some horror shows.

Movie & TV Producers Also! Help a man live a dream
(and get great publicity for your show)

National Examiner

UK Metro
Netherland Mag

** WOW LOOK **

** My Newest DVD is now ON SALE at Amazon **
(I'm doing the play by play commentary)

Seeking US and International Distribution - Contact me if interested

** More News **

** Gores Truly interview 'Dreams Never Die' Amazing! **

** Listen to Matt Wilkins - syndicated across UK **

** Sp!ts Newspaper from Holland Dec. 26th **

** I'm in the news in Bosnia - They need some laughter **

** Great article on me from England **

** Thank You NewsLite.TV **

** UK's Metro Newspaper - THANK YOU **

** I'm in the news in Japan! **

** I'm in the news in Macedonia - Translated **

** I posted a special page for our dog TANGO **

MSNBC Rita Cosby - Great Interview

This is one of my favorite interviews. Filmed some at The Carnegie Deli. I had no idea this was going to happen. Rita was such a great person to meet. I owe her a lot.
Email me at: DeadBodyGuy@gmail.com

The Mitchell Tapes trailer

I want to share with you all a trailer from my next movie called 'The Mitchell Tapes' It's completed and is in final editing and we hope to find a buyer for it and see it on shelves or big screens sometime around spring 2011. It is a scary son of a gun. I'll keep you posted as the date gets closer. I'm very proud of this one because I not only have a part in it, but I'm a producer also.

If you are a distributor and want to talk.
Email me at: DeadBodyGuy@gmail.com

My two movies out on DVD right now!



Follow me on TWITTER!
Click Search to see me on IMDB

TMZ-TV Thanks TMZ!

Here are some of my favorite links to share with you:

Guest Hosting Starz! 10 Comedy Scenes

Watch This - Hilarious

A IMPORTANT message from Chuck Lamb (Dead Body Guy)

Well, by now I think most of you have read my story or have heard about my quest to be in a TV show or movie by playing dead. I am very happy to report that my dream has indeed came true. I went to the world premiere of my new movie Thankskilling and I still smile when I think about seeing my name up there on that big screen. I would like every single person who rooted me on or wished me well to have that exact same feeling.

My latest movie STIFFS with Danny Aeillo and Leslie Ann Warren is out on DVD now and I am so proud of that. A big THANK YOU goes out to Rita Cosby for getting me the part from her show. Thanks Rita

The Mitchell Tapes is our newest adventure. Look for it this spring or summer.

It took a long time to achieve this goal. Do you know I started this web site over 4 YEARS AGO! Yep it took over 4 years to be "an overnight sensation" or to have
"15 minutes of fame."

The web site has had over 50 million hits.

Let's hope 2011 brings us all a chance to live out our dreams like it has for me.



Watch for me Saturday nights in L.A.
Sabado Caliente featuring me on Mexy-TV
(I'm dancing at 0:17 and running from Joe Estavez at 0:35)

Horrorween - October 2010!

Chuck Lamb (Dead Body Guy) Bio

Welcome to my website. I've always dreamed of being in a movie or on TV. I grew up like most people in their 40's watching everything from Dragnet to Twilight Zone and dreaming "I can do that if just given the chance". I still watch every bit of the credits of a show or movie to see all of the people it takes to make it. Key grips, best boys and personal assistants are all included. I close my eyes and see DEAD BODY ...... played by ...... ME!

Well, at 50 now, married to a wonderful wife and 6 kids I really don't think I am going to be the next Sean Connery or Robert DeNiro but the dream is still alive and well inside of me.

Now, I have absolutely no acting experience. I am not good looking at all. I have a bit of a southern accent. So what can I bring to the table for any well respected TV or movie producer.


Just ask my wife. No one can lay around like me. Every CSI, Law & Order, and countless other movies and shows feature a dead body in it.

I say "THAT COULD BE ME!" I can lay there and be dead. I can achieve my dream by being shot, stabbed, drugged, mugged, mangled, strangled or any other scenario you can think of. I can even recite lines if needed. As you have probably already guessed, I am not shy at all.

I am asking people all over the world "Help Me Live My Dream -- Let Me Play Dead"

Pass this site on to everyone you know. I will post a new pose as often as I can. I will even take request if you send me an email. I am here to please and willing to show my worth to movie directors or producers.


Well, since writing this dream and passing it along to everyone, I have now been in 5 movies and 7 TV shows. *and more projects in various stages*

I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way and to the countless radio and TV interviews who thought enough of a crazy 49 year old man who had a dream and wanted to make people laugh.

We are OVER 50 MILLION HITS on this website now and all I can say is THANK YOU!!! I'm still like a kid when I go to do anything in Hollywood and I hope it stays that way.

Let's hope 2010 brings us all a chance to live out our dreams like it has for me.



EMAIL= DeadBodyGuy@gmail.com
You are NOT allowed to reprint or distributed from http://www.deadbodyguy.com without obtaining WRITTEN PERMISSION FIRST FROM CHUCK LAMB. Intentions of usage must be truthful. NO RESELLING OF IMAGES FROM THE HYPERLINK WWW.DEADBODYGUY.COM UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
Infringement upon this copyright will result in legal action in compliance with Fair Use (17 USCS Sect. 107).